What Buttery Is this?

Sharing fine grooming goods, made with two hands

Mentega [mun-tay-ga]; ‘butter’ in the Malay language. Mentega started with the idea of making hair products that will perform well in tropical climate and one with significant amount.

Each Mentega product is created with a definitive goal —each with their specific performance traits, allowing the styling process to be intentional and practical. We aim to make grooming products that work, but fundamentally working well within the environment and with the lifestyle of the individual—whether it’s during winter, under dry heat, or in a tropical climate’s humidity.

Made in small batches, every single jar of Mentega is handcrafted and hand-poured.

“Years ago, I experimented with crafting a hair product that I’d personally like. After using it alone for so long, tweaking formulas and receiving various feedbacks, I finally released Mentega pomade. Instead of just testing the product for myself, I wanted to be the ‘guinea pig’ to make sure it’d suit you mighty fine. I empty hair product jars pretty quickly because of my heavy usage and it wasn’t helping me save money. So I began making my own – ones I won’t need to worry about spamming. This is why Mentega has 6oz, about 50 percent more than the average size in the market. Now you don’t need to hold back from scooping in anymore.” – Kevin Cottie

Kevin is also a barber in profession, and cuts at our very own barbershop The Oven Cuttery. This allows him to have the experience in working with different clients (with different hair types) to help him understand what works.

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