At our barbershop, we focus on providing one-to-one quality barbering services in a comfortable environment that helps people express themselves. Treat yourself to a refreshing beverage from our bar run by Ellipsis during your visit while you’re the chair. This is also where Mentega, our own grooming products are handcrafted. Walk in any time during our operating hours (see below), although we recommend making an appointment ahead of time to avoid disappointment.


MONDAY: Closed  |  TUESDAY – FRIDAY: 8am – 5pm | SATURDAY – SUNDAY: 10am – 7pm


A person who loves working with his hands, Ayie pays attention to the details. He finds joy in meeting new faces as much as he enjoys the technical aspect in his craft, which is what makes him such a versatile barber. If you happen to love motorsports as much as he does, you would definitely make his day.


If being close to nature and the outdoors is your thing, then Syazwan’s your guy to talk to while you’re in the chair. He loves being in the atmosphere of nature and serenity. The self-taught barber loves working with his hands and tools, whether it’s building DIY projects or fixing things. Being taught independently in the skill of barbering gives Syazwan an advantage to approach a haircut without boundaries of going by the book. He distinctively produces modern haircuts that have a very clean and smooth finish. Go book an appointment, you’ll know what we mean by the time you leave the chair! 


With a background in hairstyling and makeup artistry, Carissa brings a softer touch and hybrid approach to The Oven Cuttery team. Getting to know her clients and helping them optimise their style puts a smile on her face. Trust that she’s having a good time (even if she doesn’t always look it). When she’s not snipping away at work, she’s bopping her head to techno beats and chasing any cat that’ll give her a morsel of attention.


This dude carries a youthful spirit of adventure and has many talents. He is fond of the culture and fashion of the 1920’s to 1950’s, which sparked his interest in barbering. He seems to be able to chat about just anything, and will also giggle at every joke you make (or the one he makes himself). He runs his own pre-loved clothing store, JustHappyKids. Oh, ask him about some good food spots, and he will fill your list with visits worth remembering.


You might see him enjoy music a little too much (there is no such thing as too much) behind the chair but don’t mind him at all. Other than anticipating a zombie-apocalypse, Kevin is passionate about classic haircuts with the frequent use of old school grease. If he could, he would have the shop play heavy metal music all day.


A man of few words (most times, at least), Emmanuel has over 13 years of experience as a barber and will cater to your specific grooming needs until you leave the chair a happy person. He especially enjoys doing tight-to-the-skin haircuts, sharp line-ups and clean shapes. He also enjoys doing combat sports in his free time. He also says, “Say no to animal cruelty”.


Latest addition to the team is Adam, who is now an apprentice and honing his craft in barbering. Skateboarding is a big part of his life – he has some crazy stories about where skateboarding has brought him. Along with skateboarding, his experience in fashion retail and growing up with music, particularly hip hop, led Adam to explore the involvement of barbering, its community, and the art of cutting hair as part of its culture.

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