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This version of OLI has been discontinued. We’ve released the OLI 2.0 – check it out here. A special collaboration with Futuremade Studio.

In spirit of exploration and journeying outdoors, we joined Futuremade Studio to create a scent that makes you wander. Deriving its name from the colour olive green, the Oli scented candle carries the freshness of forest air in daytime – grounded by earthy tones of pine and sandalwood. Topped off with an enlivening blend of rosewood’s fruity citrus aroma, Oli creates a balance of warm and bright notes, as though taking an early morning stroll through the woods when the forest is most alive.

Oli is hand-poured and packaged within a gunmetal grey aluminium tin that withstands heat.


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Notes : Sandalwood, pine, rosewood, bergamot
Product weight : 320g
Burn time : approximately 75 hours
1. Allow candle to burn for at least 2-3 hours to achieve full melt pool.
2. Let it cool and set completely before relighting.
3. When relighting, trim the burnt portion of the wick, leaving about 6mm above the wax. This will ensure a cleaner and brighter burn. Skip this step if wick is at its appropriate length.
4. Store candle in a cool, dark and dry place with the lid on when not in use. This will protect the scent from fading. Our candles are made with fragrance oils and essential oils. We highly recommend using it within six (6) months from the purchase.

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