Mentega Creamy Hair Clay

RM 75

The Creamy is as its name suggests—it smears smoothly in your hands, which makes styling easy. This hair styling clay has a matte finish for texture and its cream-like consistency providing definition.

It is lightweight but has a medium to firm hold that helps achieve voluminous hair. It is also re-stylable throughout the day and washes off easily. Great for loose, natural and tousled hairstyles.

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Water, Glycerin, White Petrolatum, Shea Butter, Beeswax, Candelilla wax, Kaolin Clay, Grape Seed Oil, Castor Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Borate, Sodium Benzoate, Essential Oils

Scent: Vanilla Citrus
6oz | 170ml
Being a hair product company, we were well aware of the demand from the market for a matte finishing product. Many, if not majority of the market opt for products that offer a more natural look when it comes to styling hair. This led us to create one of the most challenging products to formulate. Yes, it took us longer than we wanted to in order to perfect the formula and release it in the market.

Although there are many matte finishing products out there, the top two pet peeves when it comes to waxes and especially clays are the difficulty to wash out and the extreme tug and pull during application. Tackling these two while delivering the qualities of a clay product – a matte finish, good hold, good grip for texturising, endurance and water-solubility – was the toughest yet. We had gone through countless prototypes – some of which we threw out the window and many that had to go through reformulation.

After a whole year (yes, we grew so tired that we almost gave up) of breaking down various formulas and starting from scratch, we successfully crafted a clay with cream like consistency for the ease of application, but dries nicely when it enters the hair. It offers a nice grip and hold while giving a nice loose or texturised styling. We’re happy to offer you our “breakthrough” product, the Creamy Hair Clay. We hope you enjoy it.
Scoop product from jar and rub onto palms. Apply through dry or slightly damp hair. Style as desired. Store with lid tightly closed and away from heat.

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